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    관람시간이 연장되었습니다.

    2021진주전통공예비엔날레의 각 전시장 관람시간이 연장되었습니다. 변경 전 10:00 ~ 17:00 변경 후 10:00 ~ 18:00
    Date2021.11.16 Reply0 file
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    에스토니아 탈린의 작가 마리아 폴 Maria Poll

    I arrived to Finland. Thank you for everything. I had good time in Seoul. Thank you for the apartment. And thank you for the best experience. Take care. You did a good job with the Biennale.
    Date2021.11.15 Reply0 file
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  3. 아프리카 베넹의 작가 세톤지 파스칼

    Vraiment j'étais très content du travail à Jinju. L'accueil aussi était très bonne et l'exposition aussi était parfaite. Ma joie était si grande et je souhaite encore revenue chaq...
    Date2021.11.17 Reply0 file
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